Basic Attributes Edit

Matter Increases Material Points, 6 HP per pickpoint
Toughness Reduces amount of damage taken in combat
Carry Carry combines with Overall so you can carry more EMU
Charm Makes summoned creatures more powerful, gives a chance to summon 1 additional creature.
Reaction Increases chance to dodge hit
Percerption* Increases Range accuracy and damage
Rationality* Increases exp and reading time (and certain Magic spell effects)
Magic Offense* Helps in casting Offensive spells
Magic Defense* Helps in casting Defensive spells
Dexterity Increase the chance to hit in combat
Ethereality Increases Ethereality Points, 8 Mana per pickpoint
  • Attributes are a work-in-progress and are bound to change.
  • The current maximum for any one attribute is 50 (as of April 23, 2017)

Related formulas Edit

This section goes into a little more detail about the effects of adding one pickpoint to a certain attribute

Cross Attribute Effect Formula
Carry Maximum amount you can carry (EMU) Carry*20
Matter Maximum material points (Health) Matter*6
Ethereality Maximum ethereal points (Mana) Ethereality*8
Rationality 1 extra experience in harvesting Rationality
Rationality 1 extra experience in mixing skills Rationality/2
Rationality 1 extra experience in magic spells Rationality/2
Rationality 1 extra experience in attack and defense kill bonus Rationality
Rationality 1 extra research point Rationality


Attack Calculates the chance of hitting opponent in combat
Defense Calculates the chance of dodging opponent in combat.
Harvesting Calculates failure rate when harvesting
Alchemy Calculates failure rate when making essences and bars

Used for spells. The higher the level, the stronger the spells you can cast.

Potion Calculates failure rate when making potions
Summoning Calculates failure rate when summoning creatures
Manufacturing Calculates failure rate when making weapons and armor
Crafting Calculates failure rate when making jewelry
Ranging Calculates chance of hitting opponent with arrows or bolts


  • As harvesting level increases, failures decrease and the speed to harvest items increase (until it reaches the maximum speed for that particular harvestable)
  • Magic is the only skill with required levels