Other Life - Kill Boss Stage 6 Udar June 201301:11

Other Life - Kill Boss Stage 6 Udar June 2013

Team Fighting Udar, One Of The Highest Level Bosses Ingame. Video By Fire

Combat is the melee side of fighting, and consists of two separate skills (Attack and Defense) that allow you to, alongside cross attributes, develop your character into a fighting style that suits you. Combat directly relies on Attack, Defense and Magic, and indirectly through those, Potioning, Alchemy and Manufacture.

Many items exist in game to increase your combat abilities, from, armors, potions and reagents, to rings, medallions and capes.


Attack is the skill that constitutes your ability to hit a target and the damage you do to the target. The damage and chance to hit a target also depends on your weapon as well as the targets defense and armor as well, with it being easier to hit a target with a lower defense than your attack, and more difficult to hit a target with a higher defense than your attack. Critical Hits and Critical Damage can occur as well, which will deal damage to the opponent regardless of its defense, in a similar way to a Ring Of Damage, though it has only a random chance of happening.

Cross attributes such as Dexterity and Might help to increase such abilities, and can allow you to hit creatures with higher defenses if enough are taken. It still requires a decent attack level to be fully effective, meaning its best to use it as an aid to your attack level, not as a replacement.


Defense is the skill that determines how often you will be hit, and for how much. This also relies on your own armor, as well as your opponents weapon. It will be easier for your character to defend or block an opponent with a lower attack than your defense, while it would be harder to defend or block and attack from a higher level opponent. Some opponents may also have high Critical chances, which may by pass your defense partly or entirely, in a similar way to a Ring Of Damage.

Cross attributes such as Reaction and Toughness will help to reduce them amount of times your hit and the damage received when you are hit, increasing your chance to block attacks from opponents with a higher attack level, if enough of these are taken. It still requires a decent defense level to be fully effective, and are best used to aid your defense level, not as a replacement.

Player Versus EnvironmentEdit

PvE, or fighting against computer controlled monsters, make up a large amount of the games combat. Some monsters will attack you, while others will be unaggressive. when you initiate combat your character will automatically fight that enemy, trying to hit it and defend its hits. This leaves you the ability to switch in weapons, armors or other equipment if one isn't working well against the enemy, or one has broken, heal your character or cast other spells, use combat items, communicate to others, change which enemy your targeting or try to disengage. Once you kill an opponent, it will drop a bag, if it had any items on it, and if it didn't, it will just collapse.

Invasions also constitute a large amount of the PvE, but are slightly more devious, with monsters staying in the vicinity of a boss or suboss, and will team up to try and kill you. Most maps have a usual target level, with some maps such as Desert Pines and Whitestone catering to lower level player, Crystal Caverns and Tarsengaard to medium level players, and Grubani Peninsula and Tarahji Desert to higher level players, though they do change occasionally.

Player Versus PlayerEdit

Player Killing (PK) or Player Versus Player (PvP) fighting involves fighting other players characters, typically in an arena, such as Desert Pines Arena and Lucky Punch Arena or an open Player Killing map, such as Kilran Fields and Trahaji Desert. Some maps will allow multiple player/monsters to fight against each other, as well as some maps having highly aggressive monsters as well. The system works the same as PvE, except that players tend to use for aggressive magic, rings and some Player Versus Player specific equipment as well, to increase they're ability. The main differences will be that players will be more cunning, use a wider range of tactics, and will work far better in team fights.


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