There are options to customize your characters appearance, name and attributes.


The character creation screen gives you several options to choose your hair style, hair colour, skin colour, race, shirt, pants and boot colours.


Names are restricted to ones not in use by other characters, are not vulgur, have no spaces or punctuation, except for "_" as well as no more than two numbers. All names are also restricted to 15 characters maximum, and 3 characters minimum. Numbers cannot out number letters in names as well.

There is no character name changes available.

HUD & ClientEdit

HUD, including character name fonts, how names are represented, whether numbers or bars show health, as well as mana, or excluding all above is available to tailor your experience to you.

Since the client is open, you can also replace stock maps with map packs, such as BloodSucker, Olivine Tab and others, as well as replacing or editing texture files.