Profession Edit

Book seller in White Stone City market square at [109,694]. Dan sells the following books for low-level armour and weapons:

Item Topic You can "Buy item" for
Purple Book Weapon Construction Weapon 100
Purple Book Sword Construction Sword 200
Purple Book Iron Sword Construction Sword 400
Blue Book Iron Broad Sword Construction Sword 500
Red Book Steel Long Sword Construction Sword 1,000
Red Book Steel Two Edged Sword Construction Sword 2,000
Red Book Titanium Short Sword Construction (Drop) Sword 4,000
White Scroll Titanium Long Sword Construction (Drop) Sword 10,000
Black Scroll Titanium Serpent Sword Construction (Drop) Sword 50,000
Brown Book General Axe Construction (Drop) Axe 10,000
Brown Book Iron Axe Construction (Drop) Axe 10,000
Brown Book Steel Axe Construction (Drop) Axe 10,000
Brown Book Titanium Axe Construction (Drop) Axe 10,000
Red Book General Armor Construction Armour 500
Purple Book Head Armor Construction Head 500
Purple Book Legs Armor Construction Legs 500
Blue Book Torso Armor Construction Torso 1,000
Blue Book Feet Armor Construction Feet 500
Blue Book Leather Helmet Construction Head 400
Blue Book Iron Helmet Construction Head 1,000
Brown Book Leather Pants Construction Legs 500
Red Book Iron Cuisses Construction Legs 5,000
Brown Book Padded Leather Torso Construction Torso 1,000
Blue Book Iron Chain Mail Construction Torso 2,500
Red Book Steel Chain Mail Construction Torso 5,000
White Scroll Titanium Chain Mail Construction (Drop) Torso 20,000
Purple Book Iron Plate Mail Construction Torso 20,000
Purple Book Iron Greaves Construction Feet 8,000
Blue Book Shield Construction Shield 500
Red Book Iron Shield Construction Shield 1,000
Red Book Steel Shield Construction (Drop) Shield 5,000
Prices are measured in Gold Coins gold coins (gc).

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