Harvesting information Edit

Recommended Harvesting level: 100
Base Harvesting experience given: 104
Tools required:

Knowledge required:

  • None

Nexus required:


Other information Edit

Weight: 3 EMU
Stackable: Yes
Can only be stored in HazMat storages.


Harvesting Events Edit

Dung has additional harvesting events. Most notably those events deal more damage and pose a greater threat to the harvester. Events are:

  • Leather Gloves fell into outhouse
  • Outhouse lid falling down (10-30 damage)
  • Mother Nature taking a dump (20-60 damage)
  • Dung explosion (60 damage)
  • pull a Rat out of the outhouse, an effect which can be countered by wearing a Harvester Medallion (this used to be a much harder creature)
  • special item findings

Locations Edit

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Alroth Edit