Other-Life is based on Eternal-Lands.

But the number of differences is increasing while development of Other-Life continues.

Major differences Edit

be sure to check the List of differences in the OL forum

- The old second continent ('Irilion') is gone and all the connections with it disabled.

- The new continent is called Alroth and the first part of it is existing, its called 'The Dwarven Lands' (DL). You can get there by boats from Whitestone to the new Whitestone harbour and then the boat to Lothend (LD). The maps have only few resources so far but are being updated constantly.

- The encyclopedia (CTRL-E) has been updated and is constantly being updated through the client update function now.

- there is a new attribute system in place, which is a modified version of the known cross-attributes (x-atributes):

see X-Attribute in the forum (and linked pages in there). You gain PPs and some EMU with OA levels AND you have a new 'Carry' attribute.

- to carry even more things you can equip 'packs', which are 2 new items, large pack and small pack, which gives additional EMU while wearing.

- EXP gain has been modified, you get extra exp for a creature kill (-> training!), more exp for producing items.

- Invasions are frequent (esp. on weekends) and more elaborate and with boss-monsters. There are special invasion-like events even on special maps (DFT, MBB).

- no daily quests, most other quests disabled, still wine and leather quest useful, since you can buy wine and leather at every General Store/Tavern for the reduced prices afterwards.

Minor differences Edit

There is lots of small changes made to tweak things. For example NPC prices or goods.

- Henrik in WS doesnt sell any glyph related resources or scales (no mule, no phoenix no dragons etc.)

- Mira buying prices are lowered for many potions

- MagicEssence buying price of WSC magic shop was slightly lowered

- Harvy in Desert Pines sells vials for 3 quartz and 3 gc each

more Info Edit

- There is a new Wiki-project for OL on (which is the place here where you should be reading this): Other-Life Wiki

- and some info on OL in the EL-Wiki: Other-Life in the EL-Wiki

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