Map overview Edit

  • WARNING! This map is PK! You cannot use #beam me in this map - it is not true from ALL PK Maps.
  • This map is a "No drops" map, when you die you will not lose items from your inventory, with the exception of Rostogol Stones, those will disappear as usual, so you might want to consider not bringing them with you.
  • This map is also multi-combat, so more than one monster/player can attack you at one time.

NPCs Edit

  • Maroda - Forgotten soldier in Fort Mardyn tower who has not heard that the 'damn war' is over

Harvestables Edit

Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Blue Star Flower Blue Star Flower [57,43], [74,105]
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum [114,44], [145,116], [159,123], [76,93], [80,46], [87,55]
Fruits Fruits [159,43], [73,65], [74,121]
Impatiens Impatiens x2 [96,98], [105,45], [118,86], [121,98], [124,115], [126,43], [127,32], [135,122], [144,133], [162,138], [166,91], [61,88], [77,46], [85,65], [93,40] (more locations x2)
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy [131,88]
Tiger Lilly Tiger Lilly [113,69], [139,102]
White Asiatic Lilly White Asiatic Lilly [100,55], [112,82], [124,124], [133,81]
Wood Branches Wood Branches [125,50] (multiple other locations)

Specials Edit

  • Readable book in one of the forts

Creatures Edit


Exits to Edit


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