Map overview Edit

Players frequently come here to harvest the many ores available, but they need to be alert since invasions do start from here. Not a good place to be AFK.



Harvestables Edit

Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Gold Ore Gold Ore [144,70] [144,70] (01:00) (1 cave door)
Silver Ore Silver Ore [100,141] [100,141] (01:20) (1 boat travel, 1 cave door)
Sulfur Sulfur [139,129] [139,129] (01:25) (1 boat travel, 1 cave door)
Tin Ore Tin Ore [90,26] [90,26] (01:05) (1 cave door)

Specials Edit

  • Boat - will take you from the Silver/Sulphur side to the Gold side, and vice-versa. Just need to walk on it.

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