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These old catacombs are filled with skeletons, spiders and a clan of armed and unarmed orcs, making this a dangerous place for new players. However, the rich resources of iron ore, emeralds and titanium ore bring many experienced players to harvest. But beware!! Mortos always keeps half an eye focused on Naralik Catacombs for a specific reason - and his followers visit it with high frequency.


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Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Emerald Emerald [137,21] 1:30, [89,50] [137,21] (01:30) (in a room without any monsters, so those who are using a Monster Magnetism Cloak, can safely switch to an Excavator Cape for harvesting)
Iron Ore Iron Ore [31,147] [31,147] (01:25)
Quartz Quartz [130,96], [113,116]
Titanium Ore Titanium Ore [63,46]

Specials Edit

  • PK area capped at 60 attack/defense
  • Temple of Mortos, the god of attack - [19,81]

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