Here's a quick guide to help you get started on your adventure in Other-Life.

Setup the game Edit

Once you have downloaded and installed Other-Life, the game starts with a window full of text where you can see some log messages from the game engine starting and some hints of important things or the status of the game. You can click on the screen or press space to continue to the login screen.

New Character Edit

At the login screen you can create a new character with the button 'New Character'.

Ignore the button 'Settings' for now, except for when you are really unhappy with the window size (then use 'Settings -> Video to change the window size).

Having pressed 'New Character' you get to the Character creation screen where you can change the look and type of your OL char. All these are purely cosmetic choices and do not affect your character's abilities in-game in any way. You can control the 'camera view' by mouse or keyboard:

"To zoom in/out: Middle mouse wheel or Page Up/Down

To rotate the camera: Middle mouse button or arrow keys"

After you have selected Gender, Race and Appearance of your new char, click the 'done' button and choose a name and a password.

When you are ready you click Done and click Done again to confirm that you want to create this char.

Woot! Your new char is born and you appear in the world of Other-Life!

You are located on the starters island (named 'Isla Prima'), which is a safe region for you. Right next to you are two NPCs, the Tutorial NPC and 'The Wraith'. You can just start with running around the scenery or talk to the Tutorial NPC and learn about playing the game.

Starting Tips Edit

To speak with the Tutorial NPC, just click with the mouse on him and click yourself through the dialog windows.

To see where you are, just press 'TAB' and you see your position on the current map. Press 'TAB' again to return.

To see all the game messages, just press 'F1', then after reading press 'F1' again to return.

Be sure to have a look at the graphical 'interface overview'.

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