• 1,000 XP in a skill of choice
  • 1,000 XP in Magic


  1. Get the quest from the Tutorial NPC
  2. Talk to Wraith
  3. Talk to Tobias, Tirnwood Vale, White Stone [199,344], enter the tree there.
  4. Talk to Kalana, Corren, Desert Pines [223, 350]
  5. Go to Elandria's temple, Desert Pines [73, 326] and touch the tree on the inside.
  6. Talk to Kalana again.
  7. Talk to Nyeald, Portland inside the house at [95,56]
  8. Talk to Erokin, Valley of the Dwarves [17,27]
  9. Talk to Koki, Nordcarn [130, 72]
  10. Talk to Rosalyn, Tarsengaard Magic School [183,314], Door in the north east corner in the first room, then second door on the right.
  11. Talk to Tankel, Morcraven Marsh [292,242]
  12. Talk to Wraith
  13. Talk to the Tutorial NPC

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