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This cave, commonly known as "ruby cave", contains gargoyles, and all kinds of skeletons and goblins. This cave is a good source for bones, iron ore and rubies. It used to have a thriving society, but is now mostly ruins, inhabited by monsters. Small creeks constrain movement, so bringing essences for the Teleport to Range spell is extremely helpful.


NPCs and Stores Edit

  • Caroline Caroline - [7,91] -- An amnesiac dwarf.
  • Nestor Nestor - [132,70] -- Mineral researcher, studying Amber Ore.
  • Patrick Patrick - [181,85] -- Fugitive living in the cave.
  • Zentas Zentas - [117,174] -- A gnome engineer.

Harvestables Edit

Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Fruits Fruits [91,61], [47,50]
Iron Ore Iron Ore [122,184]
Ruby Ruby [7,95] [7,95] (02:50) (1 cave door, 1 door)
Wood Logs Wood Logs [48,148]

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