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WARNING! This map is PK! You cannot use #beam me in this map - it is not true from ALL PK Maps.

The Ruins of Matajin are in the north, and Mortos Valley is in the south along with Tahraji Dragon Cave. There is an oasis near the middle of the map and a summoning arena offshore in the Ghealan Ocean. There is also a tent safe to rest in Mortos Valley.

It is a LEGACY map from back in the days when things did not require a cooldown period, so everything has a cooldown of 1. This is a major advantage, if you can find a secluded space to mix.


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Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Black Rose Black Rose [235,216]
Blue Star Flower Blue Star Flower [217,219]
Cactus Cactus all over the place
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum [234,216]
Lilacs Lilacs [235,216], [226,208]
Red Rose Red Rose [235,216]
Tiger Lilly Tiger Lilly [233,207]
Wood Branches Wood Branches [217,219]
Wood Logs Wood Logs [292,56]
Yellow Rose Yellow Rose [235,216]

Specials Edit

  • Summoning arena, you can get there by using some sort of globes (two blue, one red) in a ruin in the north-east @ 255,308. Teleportation ability is recommended so you do not get stuck someplace you can not get back from.
  • There is a large, white unoccupied tent @ 285,32 at entrance to Mortos Valley which you can enter in which normal desert affects (cooldown and PK) do not apply.
  • Bag spawns with Potion of Body Restoration, thread, gold coins and possibly other things in the north-east and south-east. There are also occasionally some near ruins of Matajin with small amounts of Health Essence, Fruits and/or gold coins.
  • There are several paths through mountains and ruins including one from Portland to Dragon Cave.

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