Map overview Edit


NPCs and Stores Edit

  • Drahll Drahll - Tavern keeper in the village at [147, 95]
  • Querti Querti - General Store owner in the village at [153,103]
  • Nan Nan - Outdoor florist located at [128, 74]

Harvestables Edit

Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Approx. Time)
Blue Lupine Blue Lupine [180, 136] (x2), [140,154] (x2)
Blue Star Flower Blue Star Flower [170, 351] (x2), [164, 342] (x2), [169,336] (x2)
Lilacs Lilacs [231, 216]

Specials Edit

  • If you use the Ring of Thalendale, it will teleport you to [230, 220]
  • There are 2 books that you can "use" and read:
    • Thalendale History - Orange Book next to a stool at [225, 216]
    • Lothend History - Black Book on a bench at [132, 74] near Nan

Creatures Edit


Internal maps Edit


Exits to Edit

This map has exits to the following maps:


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